You'll have finished photo albums, cute notecards, custom invites & a simple, lovely life!

Everyone Is Welcome - Join Us!

We'll be over here getting.things.done!

Let's take a more simple approach to life as we dust off our photo albums, our life stories and the nagging thoughts of "I'm behind!"  You'll create a road map, bridges between print and digital systems, have accountability and the tips you need to spruce up your old system and integrate the new. Soon our friends and families will be gathered 'round the kitchen table with finished albums that tell a story, singing our praises and lifting their hands up high!   The scrapbook craft craze of the 1990's is being revamped with a new simplicity, outlook, aesthetic and purpose - it's a fresh set of eyes in a world full of norms.  Let's link elbows - it's time and I'm glad you're here. You may even find a bit of yourself along the way.