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Everyday Notepads: "Best School Bus Driver, Ever"


"Best School Bus Driver, Ever

Thank you for all that you do!"

Celebrate them driving a 40' long yellow rectangular box with flashers and 82 talking kids on board - we tip our hats!  Yes, I do know that there isn't a desk in their "office" bus but they will love this - just as much as you love them driving your sweet children. (6"x6" shown)

Pick between 2 main ribbon colors - red or black - and enter your choice in the notes section at checkout.  The school bus ribbon is added to all.

Embellished by hand, each unique, and delivered in a white gift box.

4 size options - 100 pages - perforated for easy page removal.

I love making these and loved my school bus driver, Mrs. Machado - I hope you love them too!