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Tire Shop Humor - Notecards & A Few Postcards

Wit and wisdom without driving by!  I began photographing the work of Alan at Galvin Tire in 2012 as I picked up daily mail at the post office in Pumpkin Center, California. His messages made me laugh so I began taking pictures as I drove away from the post office, back to my desk to finish out my day.  He didn't know until March of 2021 when I stopped by to meet him and hand him a stack of cards from this collection. 

Cheers to Alan and better yet, go buy a set of tires from Galvan Tire at 3100 Taft Highway, shake his hand yourself and get all the wisdom you never knew you needed!

Available as a single postcard or notecard or in a set of 10 of the same design.  Pick them up from Tracy at the post office in Pumpkin Center or online here. Listen, browsing is free so grab a cool drink and spend some time with this collection - it's guaranteed to bring a bit of joy into your day!