I help you with your thoughtfulness - notepads, invites, cards & finished photo albums. Welcome to a simpler life, sis!

Photo Albums: Our Life Stories, Beautiful & Simplified - 3 Ways to the Finish Line!


Let's take a more simple approach as we dust off our photo albums and our life stories along with the nagging thoughts of "I'm behind!"  You'll learn about project road maps, create bridges between print and digital systems that fit your life, find timesaving tips to spruce up your old system and integrate the new or simply create a system for the first time.  You'll find solutions here so follow along on Instagram or Facebook (@thepapergirls), join our email list at the bottom of the home page and put your hands up!  You're in our community!

Need a little help getting started?  Just send an email to hello@thepapergirls.com and we can chat about your objectives and project.  We can set up a system, organize your space, source materials, send pictures for print - let me be your guide.  I think you're probably better off than you think, sis.

The scrapbook craft craze of the 1990's is being revamped with a new simplicity, outlook, aesthetic and purpose - it's a fresh set of eyes in a world full of norms.  Soon our families will be gathered 'round the kitchen table with finished albums that tell a story, singing our praises!  You'll be the hero in your own story and maybe even find a bit of yourself along the way.  I'm really glad you're here!