You'll have finished photo albums, cute notecards and a simple, lovely life - join us!
  • "There isn't anyone you couldn't love once you've heard their story."

    - Sister Mary Lou Kownacki

  • Let's create a system for you, solutions to hold your big life!

    Organized * Simple * Sustainable

  • Join us as we dust off our photo album projects, shelf the shame, print our pictures and move forward together

    You owe it to the ones that came before you and those that will follow

  • Spread joy with our small notecards

    Made for kids by kids, through their eyes in this world

  • Hop on! Come join us on the road to an authenticated life that's easier to manage!

    Timesaving tips, systems and products for how you really live - with a little style.

Hello There!

Dust off those photo album and scrapbook projects and join us!  You've found a place for help with tips and systems for your big, real life to corral your pictures - print and digital - along with school artwork, notes and memorabilia.  It's like your big sister stopping by with a pep talk and a casserole on a Tuesday afternoon!

In addition, Notecards for Kids make gratitude and thoughtfulness simple. 

NEW PRODUCT ALERT -- Tire Shop Humor - Postcards & Cards, more wisdom than you'll know what to do with from Galvan Tire!

More joy in the world - here, here!

Notecards for Kids

Notecards that kids are proud to send.

A view of the world and title from their perspective.

Spread joy!

Tire Shop Humor - Postcards & Cards

Humor and wisdom all in one place - Pumpkin Center, California. Who knew?

See these gems here!

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