I help you with your thoughtfulness ... notepads, invites, cards and finished photo albums. What else is on your list?
  • "There isn't anyone you couldn't love once you've heard their story."

    - Sister Mary Lou Kownacki

  • Let's create a system for you, eliminating the camera roll "pile" of your great big life!

    Organized * Simple * Sustainable

  • Join us as we dust off our photo album projects, shelf the shame, print our pictures and move forward together

    You owe it to the ones that came before you and those that will follow

  • Spread joy with a handwritten note every day

    * Personalized * Thank You Notes * Notecards for Kids * Tire Shop Humor

  • Hop on! Come join us on the road to the thoughtful life you were meant to live!

    Gifts, products, systems and timesaving tips for how you really want to live - with a little style.

* Hello There, Thoughtful You *

It's simple: You truly love being thoughtful but there aren't enough hours in the day and it slips by and you think "I just never can quite get it together - maybe next time." And you really do believe that you failed.

Let's change that.

Would you like beautiful notepads for your November birthday list of girlfriends, personalized and delivered?

Right here - I'll do it.

Need (20) invitations for your son's squirrel birthday party created, addressed and stamped?

I've got it.

I see you, hustling real estate agent - would personalized "We've Moved" postcards make a sweet gift for a client?

Right here - off your list and done. Check.

Looking for a box of thank you notes that your kids will be eager to send and with return addresses printed on the envelopes and fun stamps?

Here here, Mother of the Year! I'll set you up.

Create more time to do what you need to be doing right now. Notepads, notecards, invitations, announcements, business cards, stationery, event programs - all things beautiful and paper are a message away. Just send an email using the contact tab in the black bar above or to: hello@thepapergirls.com.

Oh and thoughtful you - would you like your camera roll "pile" simplified, along with those piles of pictures scattered throughout your computer drives and closet shelves?

Let's do it, frame the gems and make a gallery wall. I've got you on this.

Welcome to your simpler & more thoughtful life, sis.

And you've supported an American business, all proudly made and sourced in the U.S.A.. 🇺🇸

Thank you x a million.



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Notecards for Kids

Notecards that kids are proud to send.

A view of the world and title from their perspective.

Spread joy!

Notes, Notes, Notes

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