I help you with your thoughtfulness ... notepads, invites, cards and finished photo albums. What else is on your list?

Notepads "Grocery List - Red Gingham"



"Grocery List

(If you want something to magically reappear, write it down here)"

I'm telling you - if you haven't felt this way at least once this week, you need to hold a workshop for the rest of us, sis.  Take this list and run around town with your cute self and a coffee and your music turned up loud.  Great as hostess and best girlfriend gifts.  This one is red but I've made one a black & white one too. (6" x 6" shown)

Embellished by hand, each unique, and delivered in a white gift box.

4 size options - 100 pages - perforated for easy page removal.

I love making these and putting them out into the world - I hope you love them too!